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Get in touch with the certified technicians at Long Island Stairlifts for all your stairlift maintenance requirements. Stairlifts from Acorn and Bruno are very reliable products and they do not require much maintenance. They perform well without any glitches. You can always contact us to perform minor tweaks.

We recommend annual maintenance which includes a thorough cleaning and waxing of the machine. We’ll even send our technician to your home to take care of any issue you’re facing. Once the service is completed, we’ll show you how to take care of the device to avoid similar glitches in future.

  • We relocate stairlifts too
  • Outdoors strairlifts avilable
Stairlift Maintenance

If you’re facing a technical problem with your stairlift, our certified technician can try to troubleshoot it for you right over the phone!

FREE on-site estimates are available. Contact us today.

Our technicians are certified by Acorn

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Long Island Stairlifts Maintenance

For only $149, Long Island Stairlifts provides vacuum, cleaning,
electrical inspection, and tune-up services for Acorn Stairlifts models.




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