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Exerting Yourself When Climbing the Stairs Isn’t an Option

A physical disability can hamper with day-to-day functioning. Fortunately, getting up and down the stairs in your home is one problem you can leave behind. With several types of stairlifts that can be customized to your specifications, you never have to strain yourself again.

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  • We relocate stairlifts too
  • Outdoors stairlifts available

All our stairlifts are covered under manufacturer warranties.

Straight Lifts

Acorn Superglide 130

Brooks-Acorn Superglide 130

Bruno Elite

Bruno Elite

Bruno Elan

Bruno Elan

Curved Lifts

Bruno Elite Curved

Bruno Elite Curved

Vertical Lifts

Bruno Vertical

Bruno Vertical

Outdoor Lifts

Bruno Vertical

Bruno Outdoors Elite

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