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Long Island Stairlifts Update Covid-19

During these times, we are faced with many uncertainties. One thing you can count on is that we are here to serve you. Not just in our specialty of installing and maintaining stairlifts, but as part of the Long Island community in anyway we can. If you are in need of assistance please let us know.

While we are considered an essential business and ready to help you with all of your stairlifts needs, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. These include:

1. Technician will call you when we are at your front door.
2. You unlock the door, but do not need to further greet the technician or be present for the installation. You can go to another part of the home.
3. Our technician will do an exact stairway measurement and install the lift.
4. When installation is complete, technician will clean up the area, wipe the lift with disinfectant, will call you when he is leaving, and an operation manual will be left behind.
5. Final payment can be left for technician or done over the phone.
6. We will walk you through usage instructions and any questions on the phone.

We will do everything to make sure you keep your mobility during this time. We will work with you on pricing and create an installation strategy that makes you comfortable and keeps you and our team safe.

Give us a call with any questions. We are fully capable of FaceTiming you or using other video methods to limit contact while evaluating your home.

Please be safe and stay encouraged for the day when this is all behind us.

With Love,

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Long Island Stairlifts is a local, family-owned company serving Long Island, NY since 2002. We strive to make lives easier for people who are limited by physical disabilities and need assistance in getting up and down the stairs in their home. Long Island Stairlift covers every pertinent detail on all the stairlift models, features, and specifications, so you will not have to leave the home you know and love.

Whether you would like to buy a new stairlift, a refurbished stairlift, or have your stairlift serviced, our Acorn-certified technicians will take care of all your needs. Contact us today.

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